Change is Coming to Festive Friday – Play with US!

Hello, players!

The designers at Festive Friday really love bringing this unique challenge to you, and we’re always looking for ways to make it more enticing to play. In a recent discussion, the Design Team agreed that the and/or approach to the challenge wasn’t getting a lot of traction. So, Nicole, our Challenge Manager proposed a few different ways we could keep the “festivity” portion of the challenge (We are Festive Friday after all!) while making it easier for players to incorporate the inspiration into their projects. 

The intent was never to create a project for the festivity (though you could) – but instead, to find inspiration from the festivity. With that in mind, we’re dropping the and/or, and instead, giving you an Inspo List. The Inspo List is a list of 10 items you can choose from to create your project. Incorporate THREE of the items in your project and link up!

We think this will bring a lot of creativity and diversity to not only the Design Team projects but to yours too!

The Inspo List

Here’s a look at our new Inspo List – this is the actual board for tomorrow’s challenge. (That means you can get started today!)

We hope you love our new approach and play along with us more often! 

One last note – as we’ve changed up our approach, we’ve updated the rules. Here’s a rules refresher for you!

Festive Friday Challenge Rules

  1. Create a new project inspired by our challenge. You can create any project as long as it includes at least three items from the festivity Inspiration List.
  2. You may enter up to a maximum of 3 times as long as the creations are new. 
  3. Entries will be disqualified if they are entered into more than three challenges (including ours). Why? We want people to find inspiration from our challenge, not the other way around. Creating something and then finding challenges where it fits does not match up with the spirit of our challenge.
  4. If you have a blog, you should include the challenge badge or the challenge board in your post and link back to our challenge.
  5. If you are posting in a gallery (like SplitCoast, Pinterest, or any other social media platform), make sure you mention our challenge with a link back to the challenge and use the hashtag #festivefridaychallenge and the hashtag found on the challenge (eg: #ff0001)
  6. Your submission link should be a direct link to your project post, not a general link to your blog, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or other gallery accounts.  Incorrect links are not eligible for Festive Friday Faves and may be deleted.
  7. We want to leave you comments, but if you are linking your project to a closed group or a site that requires us to register, we may not be able to! Please be sure to post on an open forum so we can leave comments on your wonderful cards. No CAPTCHAs, please! Please remember to turn off word verification.
  8. Challenges start every other Friday and run for two weeks.
  9. All submissions are due Monday (day 11 of the challenge) at 8 PM US Central time – that’s when the Linky Tool will close. Winners will be announced the following Wednesday. 
  10. Post your project using the Linky Tool, which can be found below the current challenge.

See you TOMORROW for Challenge #FF0042!

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